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Organic Farm Tours

Are you interested in a tour of our organic farm that is located just north of Victoria, BC? We offer several different organic farm tours for groups (such as families, schools, restaurants, and so on) during the months of May through October.

Our Organic Farm Tours:
  1. An ecosystem approach to sustainable farm/forest practices
  2. Bees at work. A discussion and demonstration of beekeeping (honey and mason bees) and honey extraction
  3. Diversity and sustainability of agro crops on Southern Vancouver Island with the focus on fruit, nuts and maple syrup
  4. Application of benign technologies to reduce our carbon footprint (high tech and reliable old technology)
  5. Watershed management, water conservation and water use
  6. Humane animal husbandry - how to raise healthy and happy chickens
  7. What does certified organic mean - policies and demonstration of on-site practices
  8. Value added products - the wonders of natural, local fruit leather, fruit and vegetable chips and fruit juice
Combination Farm Tour: An overview of all the above eight tours wrapped into one tour

Each tour is about one hour long, except for the combination tour which is about two hours long. Our one hour tours are $10/person (minimum 5 people) and our two hour combination tour is $15/person (minimum 5 people). Customized tours are also available, so please contact Healing Farm to make tour reservations or if you have any questions.